Happy Huntrodds' Day! Celebrate chance & coincidence on September 19th. In fact, celebrate while you can because The Singularity is coming - to BBC Radio 4 on September 24th.

If we survive that, you can join me to discuss Big Data at Brighton Salon (October 9th) or at London's Barbican (October 19th) in the Battle of Ideas, where I'll also be discussing robots & the science of public health.

And if you want comedy, see you in Oxford on October 17th for Brainsex


Freethinking, subversive, pro-enlightenment and anti-establishment, irresponsible hedonist or deep humanist, … Well, look, if I could summarise myself in 50 words I wouldn’t need such a big website, would I? Take a stroll down the professional menu to the left, or amble through my interests below.


Writing, performing and presenting cover most of what I do. As well as (more or less) serious journalism, I write comedy scripts and perform live comedy. I also turn up on Radio 4 now and then, and at live events.

I perform science-themed comedy - currently in solo show BrainSex (unless you count my co-star Socrates the rat) - & previously with double-act the Comedy Research Project, and with Matt Parker. Also some solo comedy, compèring and things like panel games.

All of which is great practice for hosting serious events - debates on science and politics, speeches, competitions and launches. And of course I’m always happy to share my own opinions with an audience, live or broadcast.

Principal Interests

Enjoying convivial gatherings, embracing risks, and generally kicking back against the New Puritans; stretching my mind with mathematics, philosophy and grown-up debate; Twentieth Century Opera and Twenty-First Century engineering; follow the orange links below to specific interests.

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