Timandra Harkness
Presenter, Writer & Comedian

In BBC Radio 4 series FutureProofing, Leo Johnson and I explore ideas that look set to shape our future. We talk to experts in science, technology, politics and philosophy to find out how our world, and we ourselves, could change.

My first contribution to radio was probably a topical pun for a comedy show, and I co-wrote BBC Radio 4 comedy No Future In Eternity, about two angels who are made redundant and have to move in with an astronomer. I've recorded travel features on riding bulls in Texas, camping with Australians at Gallipoli, and flying across the Channel in a microlight.

These days the BBC lets me loose on more serious subject matter. Have recording kit, will travel.

From 2013-2016 I was resident reporter for Radio 4 social psychology series The Human Zoo, more of an exhibit than a zookeeper. As well as FutureProofing, I've presented documentaries Data, Data Everywhere, Personality PoliticsSupersense Me & The Singularity for BBC Radio 4 and Are You A Numbers Person? for the BBC World Service. They're all still on the BBC iPlayer if you're really keen.