Timandra Harkness
Presenter, Writer & Lapsed Comedian

I speak with authority, intellectual rigour and humour to varied audiences, about the futureBig DataAI & robots, and other topics relating science and technology to the wider questions of human life. Even how to propose to your partner with big data.

You can watch my recent conference keynote talk: The Personalised Century 

I am comfortable chairing and hosting events live, online, or blended; anything from cabarets to bilingual panels on the future of robotics. See, for example, an online panel event for CogX, or regular Data Debates for the British Library/Alan Turing Institute - live or online.

Fostering better public debate is my longstanding mission. Following How To Disagree, my latest radio series on the topic, Steelmanning, goes out on BBC Radio 4 from January 2021.  My favourite events are those where speakers and audience challenge each others' - and their own - ideas with frank and respectful discussion.

My natural habitat is among dissenting adults in public.

Just wanted to thank you again for being such a fabulous chair for us this week at our Pelican event with Bruce. So many people since have told me how much they especially enjoyed the way you held the whole event together, and kept it so lively, energised and fun.

Mairi Ryan, Joint Head, Public Events Programme, RSA