Writer, presenter, lapsed comedian

My new book, Technology is Not the Problem, is published by Harper Collins in May 2024. My previous book, Big Data: does size matter? (Bloomsbury Sigma) is still available. My agent is Will Francis at Janklow Nesbit.

I have presented hundreds of programmes for BBC Radio, including: six series of FutureProofing (not just technology, but big ideas that are shaping the future); Steelmanning and How To Disagree (two series on disagreeing better); Divided Nation, What Has SatNav Done To Our Brains? and Five Knots

My journalism mainly covers the ever-changing domain where technology and society interact, but I also venture into questions around risk. I regularly talk about these topics on radio and television, including Question Time, Any Questions, and news programmes on many channels.

I appear live for organisations including the British Library, Royal Society, Science Museum, Intelligence Squared, CogX, and countless companies and festivals. I can chair a contentious panel debate, give a keynote speech, host an awards event – or anything in between. 

My last show on the Edinburgh Fringe was Take A Risk in 2019. I’m currently a lapsed comedian, but never say never again.

I’m a postgraduate research student in Philosophy at Birkbeck College, and a graduate fellow of the Royal Statistical Society. In my so-called spare time I sail on the Thames (and anywhere else I get the chance).