Travel doesn’t always broaden the mind, but even a week spent tanning on a foreign beach can gladden the heart and boost your vitamin D. One day, I hope it’ll be easier for everyone else to come to Britain – until then I’ll just have to go to them.

I’ve written on travel for the Telegraph, Sunday Times, Guardian Unlimited and dozens of other magazines and online publications. Though I’m very much available for fluffy-towel stories, I seem to specialise in the wet, dirty and dangerous.

Riding bulls in Texas, sandyachting in France, off-road motorcycling in Spain, microlighting across the channel and camping with Australians in Turkey were fun. But the Via Ferrata in the Alpes Maritimes – that was scary.

Though I’m a fan of independent motorised transport, you will also find me on horseback, afloat, or in a train. Especially a funicular railway. Anything except a bicycle, in fact.

Via Ferrata

Guardian article

As we switchback up the mountain roads, Lianne confides that she's scared of heights. I can't help feeling that it's brave of her to volunteer for a day on the Via Ferrata. An hour later, as I muster the courage to pull myself up some iron loops overhanging a drop of several hundred feet, I feel it's extremely brave of her, and perhaps a little bit brave of me...

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