Bulgarian FameLab

Training and Consultancy

The British Council sent me to India, Istanbul, Israel and Cheltenham to help people learn to communicate science to the public. Scientists and engineers from Azerbaijan to Calcutta now make the same mistakes as me. I can train you not only in public speaking, but in how to chair or facilitate a good meeting.

I’ve also run projects in the UK to develop the science communicators of the future and to get the public talking about engineering.At the 2010 and 2011Cheltenham Science festivals I trained a dozen engineers to talk to the public better, with funding from the Royal Academy of Engineering.They were great, watch out for them at future festivals, events, TV series... I’m pretty good at helping you pin down what you’re aiming to achieve and starting you in the right direction.

I’ve even taught comedy writing and performance.


Timandra Harkness is by far the funniest and most professional person performing science. With her the dullest science matter becomes profound entertainment, it is turned into a catch phrase or anecdote and therefore sure to stick forever. I have never experienced a more inspiring person. Part of that charm must come from the engines she is (reportedly) always fiddling with or from wild motorbike riding, and that neverending spirit of novelty around her. She can say “cheers” in just about every language she has had access to and has spotted an opportunity for traffic policemen in the UK to learn from Bulgaria’s side-walk parking habits.

You’ll be taken sky-high with Timandra before you know it and landed back – all in truly scientifically funny style!
Lyubov Kostova, Public Communications Manager, British Council, Bulgaria