Live Events

Subjects on which I’ve been asked to speak include space travel and how to communicate science with the public.

Hosting, chairing or facilitating public events is what I do for theWellcome Collection, Dana centre, the Cheltenham Science Festival, the Institute of Ideas, the British Science Association, the British Council, and Sp!ked. Whether it’s an entertaining gameshow or an intense debate, I like to keep the atmosphere relaxed and the discussion as focussed, witty, or informative as the occasion demands.

I’m on the Cheltenham Science Festival advisory panel, and the committee for the Battle of Ideas, where I'm doing a couple of events this year.

Other recent (or forthcoming) appearances include a keynote speech on alcohol and public health for a public health conference, a panel discussion on the Fear Factor atthe Bishopsgate Institute, and a Cabaret of the Elements at the British Science Festival.


"I couldn't have asked for a better chair for 'Examining the Evidence'. You pitched it perfectly and kept those boys in line with a light touch. The audience feedback has been great, they went away stimulated, entertained and wanting more."

Alex Julyan, curator Quacks and Cures at Wellcome Collection.;

"Thanks for chairing the nuclear discussion so well. You managed to be both relaxed and firm which, from where I was sitting, was just perfect"

Tim Black, Sp!ked;

"A big thank you for your excellent compering last night. I thought you really made the event work and helped to bring all the elements together. I appreciate you kept your banter within our guidelines and were really professional with your dialogue to the web cast. In fact some people from the audience said it felt like being part of a TV show…

I thought your quips were great and you really played the role well. Your confidence and energy made the panellists feel they were in safe hands, which helped them to relax into the format. I was really pleased with how you involved the audience and how quick you were to pick up on their responses."
Pigalle Tavakkoli, Dana Centre

";thank you very much indeed for your superb keynote speech at the award ceremony."
Elizabeth Newall, Postgraduate Events Manager,
University of Leicester