The human ability to defy gravity and travel far above the Earth is one of the Twentieth Century’s great achievements. Commercial flight puts that audacious act within the reach of the masses, something I’m proud to celebrate, and I look forward to the day when every human being has the choice to fly. That's why I wrote the Battle in Print defending flight for the 2009 Battle of Ideas.

Thanks to GS Aviation, I started learning to fly microlight aircraft. At my last attempt, I could take off and nearly land. I’ve also got to enjoy the view from various helicopters over various great cities.

Though I’m sadly no relation to “beautiful aviatrix” Nancy Harkness Love, I am  the step-great-grand-daughter of Walter Wilson who, with his collaborator Percy Pilcher, was nearly the first to fly a powered, heavier-than-air plane. Had Percy not died in a gliding accident in 1899, Dr. Helen Pilcher and I might have been guests of honour at the centenary of flight celebrations.

I am available to be suitably impressed by spins in aircraft of all shapes and sizes.