Timandra Harkness
Presenter, Writer & Comedian

Host, chair, Mistress of Ceremonies: I've taken the helm of events from rowdy comedy clubs to bilingual panels on the future of robotics. So I can handle both fierce debates and glamorous awards ceremonies. Some audiences need to be warmed up till they join in, some need to be calmed down so we can have a civilised evening, and some just need to know what's happening next and when the bar shuts. Knowing the difference is half the job of an MC.

I am happy to speak on topics where I have something to say, either solo or as part of a panel. Recently I've spoken on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Public Health. Not all at the same time, though I probably could, if required.

My favourite events are those where speakers and audience challenge each others' - and their own - ideas with frank discussion. I love to be among dissenting adults in public.

If you want a keynote talk or an after-dinner speaker, I can combine humour, inspiration and a fresh take on familiar subject matter. Or unfamiliar, depending on what you want.