Timandra Harkness
Presenter, Writer & Comedian

I speak with authority, intellectual rigour and humour to varied audiences.

About Big Data, the subject of my new book, but also on AI & robots, mobility & transport, and other topics relating science and technology to the wider questions of human life.

When I look into the future I am neither a technophile nor a technophobe.

Technology will not solve social and political problems, nor will technology destroy all we hold dear & ruin the world. Human beings are the only ones who can use technology to improve the world we live in, if we have courage and confidence in ourselves and each other.

I'm also a very experienced host, chair, and Mistress of Ceremonies of anything from cabarets to bilingual panels on the future of robotics.

My favourite events are those where speakers and audience challenge each others' - and their own - ideas with frank discussion. My natural habitat is among dissenting adults in public.

To book me, please contact my agent Toby Mundy