Is there anything too serious to make jokes about? No. The more important or dreadful something is, the more we need to laugh at it. That’s what I told Carlton TV – but they still cut my joke about the Princess Diana memorial scratchcard. Hey – I wasn’t the one who thought it was in good taste to commemorate a fatal road accident with a low-budget gambling product.

Training as a circus clown revealed the horrible truth – instead of sequins on the flying trapeze, I was destined for a life of pratfalls and pies in the face. So I have done stand up and impro, written topical gags and sketches for Radio, short films and feature scripts, and become the Morecambe (or Wise) of science in the Comedy Research Project. I’ve also done various things on TV, including BBC panel game Mind Games and an ad where I had to dress up as a giant cat.

You can see my new show, BrainSex, at the 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

In 2010 I took Your Days Are Numbered; the maths of death to Edinburgh, (with stand-up mathematician Matt Parker) on tour in 2012 &t to Australia for the Adelaide Fringe and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. We also made a spin off short film with WorldBytes TV. Our next show, Humans V Nature: engineering FTW hit the Edinburgh Fringe in 2012 - see video taster & interview at The Engineer


“There is a real sense of risk and danger surrounding Timandra Harkness’s act. ... Harkness has a deadly wit. She tosses away subtle one-liners as though they were chocolate wrappings, then picks them up and recycles them in her next routine.”
The Scotsman

“exponentially funny…”
Three Weeks